Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick is a Rick and Morty themed tryhackme room where we exploit a webserver to find 3 ingredients or...

October 2, 2021

OWASP Juice Shop

Room: OWASP Juice Shop Difficulty: Easy “Today we will be looking at OWASP Juice Shop from TryHackMe. This room uses...

September 30, 2021


[Task 1] Intro msfdb init [Task 2] Initializing… #1 First things first, we need to initialize the database! Let’s do...

September 25, 2021

Basic Malware RE

TryHackMe | Basic Malware RE These challenges are aimed towards learning about the “Static Analysis” technique used to analyze the...

September 23, 2021

MAL: Strings WriteUp

In this article, I tried to prepare a write-up for the “MAL: Strings” room on tryhackme. [Task 1] What are “strings”? From a...

September 23, 2021

Disk Analysis & Autopsy

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium Aim: Use Autopsy to investigate artifacts from a disk image. Link: https://www.tryhackme.com/room/autopsy2ze0 The official page describes Autopsy...

September 19, 2021

Investigating Windows

Task: Investigating a windows machine that has been previously compromised. At Windows system, Basic information like Windows Version, OS Build,...

September 18, 2021

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